Ways To Watch

We make it easy for you to watch the NuDu - The New Dumont Television Network! Click the way you are interested in learning how to watch.

Over The Air iPad/iPhone Google Android
ChromeCast Apple TV - 1st-3rd Generation Apple TV - 4th Generation
Roku Amazon Fire On-Line: On Demand on Website

OTA - What is OTA?

Rescan Your Houston Area Television! We are back on the airwaves as 46.3.

OTA stands for Over-The-Air; Television stations channels that can be freely picked up with a digital OTA Antennae. If you are in the Houston area, click here to see our coverage map. If you are within our coverage area, chances are you can pick up our signal. Most modern televisions can receive OTA Broadcasts with an antennae that can purchased from any major local electronics store or online. Older televisions may require a TV tuner box which can be purchased separately at retailers. Simply connect the antennae to your television or cable box, read your television manual on how to do an "auto channel scan". Visit 46.3 to watch our network and enjoy free television from other Houston area broadcasters.

If you are unable to get the signal, try rescanning your tv, reorienting your antennae, or moving it to another location. If you still do not receive the signal, and are in the viewing coverage area, you can purchase a signal booster or stronger antennae from a retailer. If you are still unable to receive us and have an internet connection, consider one of the many other ways to pick up our station below.


Download our app on the Apple iTunes store by searching "NuDu Remote" or by visiting this link: https://appsto.re/us/OLBEjb.i

Google Android

Android devices can watch our content by downloading our "NuDu Remote" app on the Google Play store. Choose the following link below to download.

Google Chromecast

Use any of our iOS or Android Apps to stream to any Google ChromeCast device located within the same network your phone or tablet is connected to. Follow the Links below to get our free app.

1st-3rd Generation Apple TV

Download our app on the Apple iTunes store on your iPhone or similar iOS device by searching "NuDu Remote" or by visiting this link: https://appsto.re/us/OLBEjb.i

Make sure your Apple TV & iPhone is connected to the same network. When you play a video, you can select an Apple Airplay device available to you. If no devices are shown, make sure your iPhone and Apple TV are connected to the same WiFi. Only iPhone/iPad devices can stream to 1st Generation Apple TV's with the app. You cannot stream an Android device running the "NuDu Remote" app to an Apple TV.

4th Generation Apple TV

Download our app on the AppleTV on the AppleTV by searching "NuDu". Follow the prompts to install the channel. You can also stream with our app via AirPlay. Follow the instructions here to do so.

Roku Support

Download us on the Roku Store by searching "KBPX NuDu". Alternatively you can click here using this vanity code J6DTTZH

Amazon Fire Tablets & Fire TV

Download our app on the Amazon App store by searching "NuDu Remote" or by visiting this link: http://amzn.to/2qQbQSK
We Now Support Amazon Fire TV Devices!

On-Website On Demand

View our website in any modern browser on your phone or computer to watch our on-demand content. Click home to see our selection of free on demand video


Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/nudu.tv/ and click on watch live.

Currently On The NuDu

Jimmy Bowen and Friends

Americana/Bluegrass artist Jimmy Bowen is a highly acclaimed musician, singer/songwriter.   His years in the industry has garnered him high praise and respect from his fans and music industry peers.   Jimmy Bowen & Friends is a 13 week, half hour live music series featuring Jimmy, his band and a special guest artist each week.  To mention a few;  Jake Hoot (The Voice winner), John Schneider (Duke’s of Hazzard), Jimmy Fortune, Linda Davis, Jeff Carson, Deborah Allen, and more!
From: 6:30PM Til: 7:00PM (:30)