Lou Savarese Ballroom Boxing

November 22, 2017 - 4:20pm By: Travis 1 comment

“Ballroom Boxing”
Event Date: Sept. 14, 2017
Premiere Air Date: Sept. 23, 2017
Re-plays begin: Sept. 24, 2017
The NuDu and Lou Savarese Promotions bring Ballroom Boxing live from downtown Houston. Ballroom Boxing is Houston’s newest knock-out event series featuring professional boxing at the incomparable Ballroom at Bayou Place. Every event is an over-the-top experience featuring a line-up of exciting professional bouts, ballroom glitz and a blazing hot Who’s Who of Houston atmosphere.
Lou Savarese, two-time Golden Gloves winner with a career record that includes a respectable 46 wins and 7 losses and match ups against contenders such as Buster Mathis, Jr., Mike Tyson and George Foreman, has established himself as more than just a boxing champion and trainer. Lou brings a wealth of knowledge and charisma to boxing, motivational speaking and on-camera talent for televised fights as well as the occasional acting role. With business partner Jody James’ entrepreneurial spirit, Savarese Promotions and Savarese Fight Gym are Houston’s premiere “one-two” punch escalating professional boxing to new heights in the Greater Houston area.
Past Participating Boxers:
Eugene “Mean Gene” Hill, Dickinson, TX
Darlington Agha, Houston, TX
Nagy “The Dominican Dynamite” Aguilera, Newburgh, NY (birthplace Dominican Republic)
Raphael “Trouble” Igbokwe, LaPorte, TX
Medzhid “B-52” Bektemirov, Houston, TX (birthplace Russia)
Radmir Akhmediyev, Houston, TX (birthplace Kazakhstan)
Yunier Calzada, Cuba

1 comment

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