Our Programming

The NuDu broadcasts online in high definition and focuses on lifestyle, entertainment and sports. We broadcast professional, college and youth sporting leagues featuring rising stars in basketball, baseball, boxing, cricket, football, lacrosse, rodeo, soccer, swimming and volleyball from across the Greater Houston Metropolitan Region. The NuDu is also the perfect choice for Classic television featuring Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi. In addition, we produce compelling, current affairs shows and local theatre. Here is a list of program highlights...

  Americas Heartland

  Animal Rescue E/I

  Annie Oakley


The Balancing Act

  Beyond The Beltway with Bruce DuMont

  Biz Kids



The Buccaneers

  Business First

  Catalyst Wrestling

  Chasing Down Madison Brown


Chateau Lune


  Coffee With America

  Crime Stoppers Houston

  Daily Flash


Date with the Angels

  Designing Spaces

  Dog Tales

  Dr. Nandi Health Show


The Dr. Nandi Show

  Dr. Nandi Show

  DragonFly TV E/I

  Fashion Hero

  Golf Resorts International

  Great Big World

  Hiring America

  Inside Investigations

  King of the Road

  Laura MacKenzie's Travellers

  Lights Out!


The Lucy Show


  Military Makeover



More Than the Music


More than the Music

  Mr and Mrs North

  Nashville Insider

  Nashville Today

  One Step Beyond

  Open House


  Race Central TV



The Raw Word

  Real Green

  Real Life 101

  Richard Diamond, Private Eye

  Ring of Honor Wrestling

  Ron Hazleton's House Calls

  Ron Hazleton's Housecalls

  Roy Rogers Show


Sheena, Queen on the Jungle

  Sheriff of Cochise

  Sherlock Homes

  Small Town, Big Deal

  Sports Stars of Tomorrow

  Street Magic

  Tales Of Tomorrow


Talk Golfing to Me

  Think Big

  Three Wide Life

  Todays HomeOwner

  Tommy's Garage

  Tommy's Garage Recap Show


Two Minute Drill with David Metzler


Unseen world


The Veil

  Whacked Out Sports

  Whacked Out Videos

  Wild America

  World League Wrestling


The World Poker Tour

Join us for this outstanding lineup. Including our original programming, expanding roster of sports, compelling current affairs and classic cinema. The New DuMont Television Network is iconic in broadcast history. The NuDu is here to continue the legacy!

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