Street Magic

<p><span style="color: #0000ff;"><span style="color: #000000;">Street Magic is a fresh, fast-paced look at the evolving world of street magicians, urban illusionists, and slight-of-hand performance artists. “Magic” in every incarnation is a global phenomenon and a truly universal language that needs no translation.</span></span></p>
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“Missing” is a weekly half-hour educational/informationalseries focusing on actual cases of missing persons. Theseries, which is appropriate for family viewing and childrenages 13-16 in particular, provides information anddescriptions of missing children, including endangeredrunaways as well as victims of abductions. The show alsopresents peer-to-peer advice on safety in public places andin cyber space, including real-world examples of how toavoid potentially dangerous situations. The programemphasizes taking active responsibility for personal safetyand promotes situational awareness, presented in a calmand non-threatening manner suited for teenagers.
From: 2:00PM Til: 2:30PM (:30)