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December 14, 2017 - 4:09pm By: Travis 10 comments

KUGB-TV 28.10 seeks energetic, passionate, motivated, entrepreneurial NuDu Crew members. Sell advertising sponsorships for Houston's fastest growing independent television channel.

KUGB 28.10 is located in the 8th largest television market and in the 4th largest--and most diverse city--in the U.S.

Generate leads and close sales in your area. Working from home options available. Commission based, but we offer the highest commission in broadcast television in the Houston metropolitan area. We will provide training, assistance, and leads.

We're Equal Employment Opportunity driven. We welcome everyone to apply and join the NuDu Crew. We recognize that talent and character is diverse in all its vibrant colors and beautiful cultures. We know that life experiences can be focused and applied to successful career goals.

Our business model is community driven, community activated and community involved. Apply YOUR talent and YOUR life's experiences in your community to bring them into The NuDu.

We're Houston Strong and Houston Proud!

Visit www.nudu.tv to discover more.

Become a member of the NuDu Crew!

Houston Ave
Houston, TX 77007


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